Hey Girl Hey!!

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Hey Girl Hey!!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

So, I've been toying with what to exactly start this blog off with. Should I speak about my passion for makeup or my favorite go to skin care product ? Should I confess my love of my amazing husband who I sometimes wanna strangle? OR maybe, I'll talk about my how I try and juggle a full-ish time job while trying to be the next big name makeup artist that makes millions by selling you dope products and telling you like it is? Fuck it! Let's discuss it all shall we!

Let's start with the particulars...

You can tell from the small rambling paragraph a few key things about me. For starters, I am a makeup artist. I am a freelanced artist, which just means I'm not chained to a makeup counter forced to sell you things you may or may not need just to keep the lights on (although I absolutely loved the people I worked with and some great customers as well...and I do mean some). I run my own business part-time, yup that's what I said. I have a full-ish time job at a popular furniture store that sells something for everyone I guess cause I can never actually clock out on time (shrugs). At that job, I peddle hot dogs, cinnamon buns among other things that make people angry when we are out of stock lol Anyways, let's get back on track here! So, I am a Baltimore native born in the 90's, won't disclose how old I am but I grew up in the "All That & Clarissa Explains IT All era" so that should give you an idea. I have been a makeup artist since 2013! I graduated from Medix School West (now Fortis Institute Of Technology) in 2012 and I thought for sure I was going to be the next platform artist of my generation until I received one of the worse clients on the planet fresh out of school and vowed to never do hair but for weddings, photo shoots and whatever I'm working cause no lol

I first fell in love with makeup in cosmetology school actually. They touch on it briefly but out of all the modules, this one interest me the most! I decided to pursue makeup afterwards by seeking further makeup training! Learning the basics from a former MAC girl was exciting! She taught me everything she knew and I was on my way!With this blog I plan to inspire, educate and have some fun! I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!