Am I doing this right?

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Am I doing this right?

As a millennial, I'm just trying figure this shit and by shit I really mean just life in general! When you're a kid you don't have major responsibilities, problems that need to be solved or hell a crisis for that matter! I'm new to this adult thing and honey it's not always day drinking and brunch...I'm mothafu*ckin' tired! I'm a newlywed by society standards but i feel old as Methusala everyday. Some days I'm up as early as 6:30 am and late as midnight smh

I know what you're thinking... how I keep it together? Chile I don't know lol Just Kidding!

Seriously, I stay prayed up. I literally pray as soon as I get up in the morning, even if I'm just on my way to the bathroom. I pray over my husband while hes asleep or getting ready for work and I try my best to stay motivated! I wanna be successful and I celebrate my small victories as much as possible but not to crazy! When I mean celebrate my victories, I pat myself on the back for a great work week or rather just making it through the work week, I take "time off" and just relax or sleep a few hours later when time permits, I sometimes splurge on lunch or dinner or even treat myself to some of my favorite wine! Things are tough enough on already and for those reading this that ave decided to take on entrepreneurship while still holding down a regular 9-5, Kudos to you! It's all hard work but KEEP GOING! I have a few tips for keeping yourself as stress free as you can.

1. Use that calendar app! - When you get older remembering things just doesn't happen anymore,especially when there's multiple! Mark that calendar and put as much info as you can in it so you don't forget! Set reminders because you don't wanna forget your plans or overbook!

2. It's okay to sit this one out- Sometimes you wanna go but it's not in the budget or you're just to tired..IT's OKAY! We can't make everything and that's fine! If they love you they'll understand!

3. When your body tells you to stop..STOP!- You can't enjoy the fruits of your labor if your dead..(I know, extra right?) It's True lol We always listen to these celebrities or Fortune 500 company owners and hustlers tell you that there's a lot of sleepless nights in trying to run your own business and it's true but they forgot to mention that at some point you need to decompress! You don't have to run to your nearest spa or fly to Bali every time you need some sleep but sometimes you need to disconnect. Read a book, Meditate, Take a Nap or whatever you do to relax. I sometimes take a bath with my R&B playlist blasting in the dark. It's necessary to keep going. Too much work will wear you out or worse.

I hope these post help you and if you're reading this you got it!