A Makeup Minute - Choosing the Right Brushes

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A Makeup Minute - Choosing the Right Brushes

In the beauty industry no matter the level of expertise, things start to add up! Between choosing the skincare,finding the right foundation and something new or on sale everyday you can help but to just throw the money at these consumers bur before you go broke I'm here to help!

When choosing the right brushes their are a few things to consider:

1.Price- Most brush sets are in the range of $12-$200 depending on brand, quantity and quality of brushes.When choosing the right brushes the price doesn't really matter as long if they are good brushes.

2.Quality - so a few things to keep in mind.. When choosing brushes check out the reviews! Buying things blind is the quickest way to waste time and money fast! I always check the materials used to construct the brush. The bristles are important because they help you determine what brushes to buy. There are 3 types of brush bristles: synthetic,natural and dual fiber. I recommend dual fiber brushes because the benefit is that they are great for both wet or dry makeup product but it's up to you to decide what works. The next thing I look for is the type of ferrule and handle the brushes have as well. I always love plastic handle because when wooden handle brushes get wet overtime they get weak and snap! With plastic or metal brushes you have a chance for longevity with your brushes!

3. Quantity & Value- Last but certainly not least I look for value with the price I am paying! Buying 5 brushes for $40 is not a deal but neither is buying 20 brushes for $12 either. When buying a brush set you need to make sure you have the essentials. Here's a diagram below:

When purchasing brushes try to have at least one each brush to complete a full face. I would also add a few extra of a few brushes that you'd use the most of like your eye shadow brushes, brow brushes and blending brushes. Here's some links below of some brush brands I recommend and I hope this helps!