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So, on today’s blog we’ll get a little personal... As a woman, some women have dreamed all their lives to be a MOM. Ultimately, this dream of fulfilled while for others like myself have been painfully struggling to make that dream come true.

Here’s a little backstory on my pregnancy journey..

This is myself and my husband maybe about

3-4 years ago! To give you a small backstory about us, my husband is a photographer and that’s kind of how we met! He and I didn’t quite hit it off but God had other plans. As you can see from the photos below 😂

Almost 10 years of love and laughter ☺️❤️

About 4 years into our almost 10 year love rendezvous we’ve decided to start getting serious about having children. My husband already has one son and one bonus son already who take up a third of my time at the moment and while I love them unconditionally theres nothing like having your own in every sense of the statement.

So I know most people think that with pregnancy it’s just about having sex and bam 💥 there’s a baby but it’s not that simple for some.. To be a bit more transparent my husband and i have had pre-marital sex for about 8 of the almost 10 years we've been together which means I should probably have at least had a whole football team by now, just saying (shrugs) Well, once we started to have the discussion about children, we started looking at finances, mental and physical health and from there we started research! I downloaded an app called the Glow app where it synced my calendar to track my period, ovulation cycle and more! We set up an appointment for Shady Grove fertility and start seeing a physician regularly. I was told verbatim that I have direct infertility and in the same breath told that I have amazing eggs 🤨

You can only imagine how frustrating this has been for me.. I‘ve been to countless weddings,baby showers and all I see are kids! Facebook at one time bombarded me with compilation videos of couples surprising their parents with cute little notes and gifts to announce that the stork has come to bless them!

Not that I am not happy for those who share their joy but more so anxious for my turn. You can imagine how weird it feels to have been told that you’re completely fine to conceive, yes so is my husband and it still hasn’t happened! I mean like nothing and more and more people around you just pop up pregnant over and over again.. crazy right?!

And before you start commenting old remedies I’ve tried them all! Teas, pills and I am fully back into the gym which by the way I believe is total bullshit because I’ve seen women over 300lbs become moms and women who are a buck o’ five soak and wet as well so y’all missed me with that.. so sorry (shrugs)

Nonetheless, I continue to try and make things happen in my life so that i “make room” for a bay no mater which way it comes! I take my vitamins

(yes i take gummy vitamins because they’re delicious 😋 ), work out at least 4 times a week, I read to keep my stress level down but most importantly, I laugh more with my friends, spend time with my family and love my husband a little more everyday

Thanks for listening..